My papers

You can find an up-to-date list of my research articles also on my Google Scholar profile. If you have trouble accessing the full-text version of any of the articles below, please get in touch. I’m happy to share a PDF of any article I authored or co-authored.

First-author publications

  • slendr: a framework for spatio-temporal population genomic simulations on geographic landscapes [link]
    M Petr, BC Haller, PL Ralph, F Racimo
    PCI EvolBiol, 2022.03. 20.485041

  • The evolutionary history of Neanderthal and Denisovan Y chromosomes [link]
    M Petr, M Hajdinjak, Q Fu, E Essel, H Rougier, I Crevecoeur, P Semal, et al.
    Science 369 (6511), 1653-1656

  • admixr—R package for reproducible analyses using ADMIXTOOLS [link]
    M Petr, B Vernot, J Kelso
    Bioinformatics 35 (17), 3194-3195

  • Limits of long-term selection against Neandertal introgression [link]
    M Petr, S Pääbo, J Kelso, B Vernot
    PNAS 116 (5), 1639-1644

Co-authored publications

  • Exploring the effects of ecological parameters on the spatial structure of genetic tree sequences [link]
    MK Ianni-Ravn, M Petr, F Racimo
    bioRxiv, 2023.03. 27.534388

  • Modeling the spatiotemporal spread of beneficial alleles using ancient genomes [link]
    RA Muktupavela, M Petr, L Ségurel, et al.
    Elife 11, e73767

  • Unearthing Neanderthal population history using nuclear and mitochondrial DNA from cave sediments [link]
    B Vernot, EI Zavala, A Gómez-Olivencia, Z Jacobs, V Slon, F Mafessoni, F Romagné, A Pearson, M Petr, et al.
    Science 372 (6542), eabf1667

  • Reconstructing the genetic history of late Neanderthals [link]
    M Hajdinjak, Q Fu, A Hübner, M Petr, et al.
    Nature 555 (7698), 652-656

  • The genetic history of ice age Europe [link]
    Q Fu, C Posth, M Hajdinjak, M Petr, et al.
    Nature 534 (7606), 200-205

Outreach articles

  • The Next Piece of Our Big Genetic Puzzle [link]
    M Petr
    Anthropology News
    issue on Genetics