This function creates an instance of the EIGENSTRAT S3 class, which encapsulates all paths to data files required for an ADMIXTOOLS analysis.

eigenstrat(prefix = NULL, ind = NULL, snp = NULL, geno = NULL, exclude = NULL)



Shared path to an EIGENSTRAT trio (set of ind/snp/geno files).

ind, snp, geno

Paths to individual EIGENSTRAT components.


Pre-defined snp file with excluded sites.


S3 object of the EIGENSTRAT class.


# download an example genomic data and get the path prefix to the # trio of snp/geno/ind files in an EIGENSTRAT format prefix <- download_data(dirname = tempdir()) # wrap the trio of snp/geno/ind files in an object of the class # EIGENSTRAT snps <- eigenstrat(prefix)